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Wisdom Tooth Extraction


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I have Protein S Deficiency with a history of DVT and PE, and have been taking warfarin for around 30 years. My first wisdom tooth was removed in 2006, another in 2010, my third in 2016, and my last yesterday.

I previously reported about my first extraction here and thought it might be worth an update to share some new details.

This dentist required an INR of between 2.0 and 4.0 with a test taken in the previous 2 days. The advice appears to have changed over the years because it should be within this range under normal circumstances, and previously I was asked to reduce my INR to a lower level. I am fortunate to have a relatively stable INR so even though I wasn’t specifically asked I intentionally skipped two days of warfarin and this brought my INR down from 3.5 to 2.2. After surgery I went back on my normal dose and will have my INR rechecked in about a week’s time.

The wisdom tooth that was removed was a lower molar, which the dentist explained was usually physically harder to remove than upper molars due to the root structure. The hole was then packed with material to help it heal and dissolvable stitches to keep it in place. Apart from the risk of post-surgical bleeding I was treated the same way as anyone else. However due to my warfarin I was referred by my regular dentist to one that specialises in extractions and I feel his expertise made all the difference. I had a rough experience on my extraction in 2010 with a regular dentist and so if anyone else is considering wisdom tooth extraction my advice would be to ask your ‘general’ dentist whether you can be referred to one that specialises in removing teeth. I just think you’ll have a better experience and less bruising.

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