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Where is your doctor?

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I frequently receive requests from people who are new to Protein S Deficiency and are looking for a doctor in their area. If you are being treated by a qualified medical practitioner for your Protein S Deficiency such as a haematologist or an Obstetrician/Gynaecologist specialising in PSD-Pregnancies please can you add their contact details here...

Use this format

1) Doctors Name

2) Specialism e.g. haematologist, obstetrician, gynaecologist

3) Hospital or Town

4) City, County and State or Country

Please don't add any further details... this should be sufficient to allow somebody to find the doctor easily enough. Telephone numbers can go out of date so don't add phone/fax/mobile numbers. Please don't comment on your personal medical history either. If you have moved and know more than one specialist please add the ones you know. It won't help to ask if anyone knows of a doctor in a specific area so please don't add requests. Thanks for your help!

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Guest kbeachum

Seshan Subramanian, MD, PhD


Researcher and Practitioner

Mercy Hospital & University of Illinois

Chicago, Illinois, USA

John Godwin, MD, PhD

Hematologic Pathologist

Clinician and Researcher

Loyola University

Chicago, Illinois, USA

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Guest Shelly H

1) Dr. Steven Roth

2) Perinatologist

3) Sparrow Hospital

4) Lansing, Michigan USA

1) Dr. Ken Schwartz

2) Hematologist

3) Ingham Regional Medical Center

4) Lansing, Michigan USA

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