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Thrombophilia screening

Guest mandspice

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Guest mandspice

I was diagnosed with DVT in February this year. I was only on warfarin for 3 months. It has been classed as an "unexplained" DVT. I suffered a miscarriage a couple of years ago. Because of these two factors, I have been given an appointment for thrombophilia screening at the end of this month to rule out any underlying causes.

Anyone know what these might be?

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After my first DVT, which was also unexplained, I had what my doctor referred to as a thrombophilia screen. For me it consisted of having a blood test (they took four lots of blood from me, but when my sister had the same test at a different hospital they took a lot more). I had to wait about a month while they tested the blood and then go back to see the haematologist for the results.

When I saw her I was told that they had tested the blood for 4 different conditions all of which can make you more prone to clots, and I had what she referred to as the one she least expected which was PSD. She didn't expect it as I don't have a history of clots in the my close family.

I wish that I could have remember what else I was tested for, but I was a little shocked by the results and so the rest of the conversation is a bit of a blur.

As my sister had a different experience that me I think that different hospital screen in different way, but I hope that my experiences help.


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