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The catch-22 of coumadin with endometriosis

Guest Kim B

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Guest kbeachum

Hi all,

Has anyone else been afflicted with worsening endometriosis since they started taking anticoagulants?

I'm 38 years old and have been diagnosed with PSD and Factor V Leiden mutation for 2.5 years. Have had two DVT's. I've been on coumadin since, and had a huge scare a year and a half ago when I suffered internal abdominal bleeding (6 pints of blood lost). The bleeding wasn't identified until well after it stopped. Even then, doctors didn't know where the bleeding originated.

Later, my gynecologist found that I have blood-filled, also known as "chocolate", ovarian cysts that the doctor says are classic symptoms of endometriosis. She suspects that a cyst ruptured, and due to a 3.7 INR, I hemorraged (sp?).

Since then, I have suffered dramatically worsening abdominal pain and tenderness. The gynecologist says the anticoagulation is accelerating the endometriosis by allowing for more bleeding from the endometriomas (hormonally receptive tissue masses) in my abdominal cavity, which in turn cause more scar tissue and more impact on abdominal organs. I have to say that this affliction is more debilitating than blood clots!

Anyway, I'm told that hormones are the usual way to treat endometriosis, but given this clotting disorder hormones are off limits. Another mode of treatment is laparoscopic surgery, which no one seems to want to do given the clotting issues. My gynecologist seems to have decided on a conservative approach. She thinks I should just try to control the pain with anti-inflammatories, but as the symptoms progress, this isn't working well enough.

This is very frustrating! Any advice or commiseration would be appreciated.

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