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DVT with 3 blood clotting disorders

Juwels Morrison

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Hello everyone, I am new to this web site and feel full of ?'s but not sure what to ask.....First I'll start with my diagnosis. I am 26 yrs old. I've had pain in my leg since last April and just blew it off untill the pain started moving around, went to the doctor and was sent home with a leg brace and anti-inflamatories...three weeks later I could'nt even walk. I ended up going back to the doc and was sent for a doppler. In the hospital for 3 days witha a dvt from knee to ankle. I was told to stop taking the pill right away and although this was probably a fluke thing I would be on coumiden for 6 mo. While sitting in the waiting area of my GP to get my pt/inr I picked up a Redbook mag and the first page I turned to was a article warning people about thrombophilia, a disease I nor my doc had ever heard about! I asked her for a referal to a hemo. and here I am. I have been diagnosed with protein c ans s deficiency, also some other disorder but not quit sure what it's called.

I guess the only ?'s I have right now is how common is it to have 3 blood clotting disorders, and is it possible that I don't have them? I'm horrified by the stories I've heard of women trying to have children, my hemo told me I would also be on Lovenox while preg. and are the pregnancies always so hard? Also I want to get involved with some sort of awareness program or fundraising for these types of disorders. Any suggestions?

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Hi Juwels, Welcome to this BB. If you can find the time to read through the posts here and peruse the archives you will find most of your answers.

James, the person responsible for setting up this site, does have an ongoing thread looking for volunteers for a non-profit awareness programme.

Of the various blood clotting disorders PSD is the least common. I have PSD, PCD and FVL( Factor V Leiden gene mutation). I have been dealing with my clotting disorder(s) for over 15 years. Once you equip yourself with knowledge, it is not a big deal.

I work with my doctors. Every time I do research I print out information and give my doctors a copy of it. As most doctors have a very low awareness of PSD,PCD and FVL this is one way of helping raise the awareness levels.

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Guest Gessiem


My wife, my daughter and my son all have taken the following test, which I heard about on this message board. My son's doctor had no idead, in fact his Hemotologist had no clue, so he changed to another.

Anyway here are the test:

? Protein C Deficiency

? Protein S Deficiency

? Factor V Leiden Gene Mutation

? Antithrombin deficiency

? Prothrombin G20210A (also known as Prothrombin gene mutation)

I posted another message regarding these test. see me message asking for AT3 information.

After we took them and got the results we found that my wife has the gene for factor II which is the G20210A test and may be the reason my son has the problem. We are still waiting to get the results of his twin brother to see if he has any problems.

After finding out about my wife's results we contacted all her sisters and brother so they can get tested.

My wife will be going to a hemotoligist to see if there are any issues, she's 49 and if so what she needs to do to keep it in control.

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Welcome Jewals! I, too, am a new member. Just wanted to say that pregnancies with psd aren't necessarily difficult! Mine was very easy, with the exception of giving myself Fragmin injections daily, but after a while they become routine. My only "complication" was that I went into labor early, about 15 minutes after my Fragmin dose so they wouldn't let me have an epidural at the hospital. I had wanted to try natural child birth anyway, but for the next one my Dr. said he'll induce me early so we can stop my fragmin dose and I can have an epidural.

Amy O. :D

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Thank you to everyones responses!!

I will keep browsing this site...the more I do the better I feel.


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Hey there,

Juwels, I was wondering on the pain in your knee, when you mentioned it moving around...how so?

I have been to the doctor and she said it brutitis, and put on some meds for it. I haven't had bloodclots in my legs but have other places.



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I am not the original poster, but I have a DVT in my left leg (diagnosed 2 days ago).

I have antithrombin III, I am 6 wks pregnant, was on asprin therapy, but discontinued when I found out I was pregmamt & got a DVT only 2 wks later.

Anyhow, the pain in my leg (lower leg - calf area) certainly did move around. I started in my ankle & seemed to move up my leg - going from back of leg to front. Being tender to touch too & that also moving/changing.

The night before the DVT was found, the pain moved to behind my knee & when I bent my leg together it felt like I had something behind my knee - like a tight lump. So i figure the clot did move - though of course I don't really know.

I am now on dailyshots of Clexane 80mg.

The last few days have been very overwhelming.


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Hi :)

The pain in my knee was not in the front, it was in the back of the knee where it bends. Also the pain in my knee was not present until one month of dealing with tremendouse pain in my calf. Kinda like a super muscle spasm. The "spasm" went away for a 2 weeks and all of the sudden I woke up with pain in the back of my knee. That went on for about 2 more weeks when I finally went to the doc. from there on, although I was put on pain relievers, the pain never went away and made it's way back down my calf into my ankle wich eventually swelled as did the rest of my leg to the piont I could no longer drive or walk. At that point it had been 3 months since the first signs of pain and only then was I sent to get a ultasound done. Hope this answers your ?'s, ask more if you like ;)

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