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Contacting the Webmaster

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You are welcome to contact me but I would like you to consider the following:

1) I am not a doctor and I'm not medically qualified in any way

2) I am unable to offer advice

3) I don't have any other information to share - everything I know is already on the web site

If you are new to Protein S Deficiency it would be a good idea to look though web pages and forum topics first. Then try doing a search of the forum. Most of the questions you will have are already answered.

If you still have a question then please:

- do not send me a message using the "report" button because I will not have a way to reply

- do not send me an email through the forum because I frequently find that email addresses do not work and my replies go undelivered

You can send me a personal message

The best way to ask a question is to post a message on the forum including relevant information about yourself

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